The quality of a wine has always been based on a commitment to growing
the finest fruit. We believe that great wines begin in the vineyard which
is why our focus has always been on site and terroir.

Only with the foundation of an outstanding grape can the process of
producing an outstanding wine begin. We have never lost sight of this fact
and we are passionate about producing premium unique wines from
fruit that is 100% estate grown.

Chateau Bull Creek is located in one of Australia’s most iconic and recognised wine producing areas of Adelaide, South Australia.

This is one of the country’s best cool-climate wine regions and the quality and consistency of fruit from this region is very high.

It’s all about timing, by approaching each vineyard block individually our goal is to harvest when flavours have reached their peak.

Great fruit, plus inspired wine making, equals exceptional wine – that’s what Chateau Bull Creek is all about.

To us wine making is an art

Quality not quantity is our mantra. Our wine makers adopt an artisans approach to their craft.

With our fruit in hand they are able to showcase its character and produce individual hand-crafted wines of outstanding quality.

The results are delicious and unmistakably Chateau Bull Creek.